Error 124: Object ID missing or invalid

We’re getting increasing reports of students seeing these errors when they try to view their feedback in Turnitin

Error 124

Check the problem

If you would like to check if an assignment has this problem before letting your students know you have released the grades…

  1. Go to the grade centre for the module in question.
  2. BbGradeCXentreAttemptIn the column for the assignment, click the arrow next to a student’s grade, then click on the Attempt detail.
  3. Turnitin LinksClick the file-linked_iaicon next to either User’s Paper or Originality Report

If you get the error at this point, you will need to resync the grades. If you see the student’s paper, then this assignment doesn’t have this error.

Resync the grades

This will relink the assignments back to the students so they are able to view their grades/feedback

  1. Go to the Turnitin tool in the Blackboard course (via Control Panel -> Tools -> Turnitin Assignments)
  2. Sync GradesClick Sync Grades next to the assignment in question

    Be careful where you click!

    Turnitin have introducted a delete assignment link which is located very close to the sync grades link.

  3. Sync SuccessYou will see a confirmation if this was successful.

If it didn’t work

Error 9999If you get an error message when you try to sync the grades, contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team.

There’s more detailed information on Turnitin’s support site.