Submit a paper on behalf of a student to a Turnitin LTI submission link

You may have to submit a paper on behalf of a student. For example, a student may email their assignment to you as technical difficulties prevented them submitting to Blackboard.

  1. Firstly, save a copy of the assignment to your computer.
  2. DescriptiveThen log into Blackboard and navigate to the submission link. Click on the submission link to enter the Assessment Inbox.
  3. DescriptiveClick on Submit on behalf of student and then select the correct student from the list.
  4. DescriptiveConfirm this is the correct student.
  5. DecorativeIn the Submit File pop up, ensure that the Upload Submission tab is showing.
  6. DecorativeNow attach the assignment.
    Click Choose File to open the file browser of your computer and find the assignment file.
  7. Alternatively, you can drag the assignment file from your computer’s file browser and drop it onto the submission panel.
  8. When you select the file you will see the name of that file in the Submission Titlebox.
    You are able to edit this text as required.
  9. When you are ready click Upload and Review.
  10. DescriptionThe next screen gives you an opportunity to review the submission before it is uploaded, You will see your file details and a preview of your file.
    Check that everything is as it should be and when you are ready click Submit to Turnitin.
  11. DecorativeThe upload will take a few moments. When it is finished you will see a green tick and the words Submission Complete.
  12. DescriptiveThe next screen confirms that you have completed the submission.

Return to the Submission Dashboard

DecorativeYou will now see:

    1. The submission.
    2. The time and date you completed the submission.
    3. The option to submit again – this will replace the current file.
    4. The option to download a copy of the submitted file.
    5. The option to download a copy of the submission receipt.

The student will not get an email receipt

When letting them know you have submitted on their behalf, you must inform them of the paper ID.