Turnitin Unavailable: DDoS

Turnitin is under a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), and is currently unavailable https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/690547248242016256 https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/690554977958387712 0543 PST is 1343 here in the UK. Keep an eye on the @turnitinstatus Twitter account for more information.  

Turnitin unavailable on Jan 10th

All UK users of Turnitin were unable to access it yesterday afternoon. https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/686173250930380800 https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/686213583101820928 Note that the time on the initial tweet is when Turnitin acknowledged the problem, in reality it was unavailable from much earlier on in the day.

Fixed: Email non-submitters link

The known issue where instructors were unable to email non-submitters has been fixed. To email those students who haven’t submitted an assignment, visit the assignment inbox (via Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Turnitin Assignments). If you think students may have been added or removed from the Blackboard course click Roster Sync [1] first – this will Continue Reading…

Slow: 18/05/2015

Turnitin is currently running very slowly. Pages are taking a long time time to load, and the document viewer is taking even longer. We have reached out to Turnitin for more information, and are keeping an eye on @turnitinstatus for any announcement.   Update @ 1630 https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/600320850672226305 Update @ 1723 Still seeing occasional slowdowns here, but looks Continue Reading…

Access problems on campus

Update @ 1135. Turnitin have announced the problems are resolved https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/595894612524400640 Our original post is below Turnitin are advising us that we may experience difficulties in accessing Turnitin via the JANET network (i.e. on campus) https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/595881902432714752 https://twitter.com/TurnitinStatus/status/595882591435280384 Access elsewhere isn’t affected, and we’ve not seen any issues on our testing so far this morning. T