Assignment Inbox overview

When viewing submissions in an assignment that is set to anonymous and yet to reach the post date, you will be unable to order the submissions by grade. Turnitin tell us this is behaving as designed due to the anonymity. When you order the view by grades, Turnitin will only see an empty field for Continue Reading…

Annotated Assignment Inbox

1. Now viewing – Determines what papers are shown in the current view:

  • All submitted papers
  • Papers that need grading
  • New papers
  • Viewed papers.

2. Submit – Submit a paper on behalf of a student.

3. Export – Download an Excel spreadsheet of the Assignment Inbox statistics. This option is only available after the Post date has passed.

4. Online grading report – View the usage reports for the rubrics, grading reports and QuickMarks associated with this assignment.

5. Roster sync – Update the students able to submit to this assignment:

  • Turnitin is only aware of the students in a Blackboard module at the time the assignment was created.
  • If students join your module after this date, they will not appear in the Submission Inbox until they have accessed an assignment in the course.
  • Click Roster sync to update the Submission Inbox.

6. Edit assignment settings – Edit the assignment settings.

7. Email non-submitters – Opens a blank email within Blackboard to email students who have not submitted.

8. Author – This shows the name of the student:

  • If Anonymous marking is enabled this is masked until after the post date.

9. Title – The name given to the assignment by the student, this often includes their Candidate number:

  • It is also a link to open the assignment in the Document viewer in Feedback Studio.
  • -nosubmission- indicates this student did not submit.

10. Similarity – Shows the Similarity Score from Feedback Studio:

  • It is also a link to open the assignment in the Document viewer in Feedback Studio with the Similarity Report showing.
  • Two dashes indicates that the Similarity Report is pending.

11. Grade – Shows the mark given to this assignment:

  • It is also a link to open the assignment in the Document viewer in Feedback Studio.
  • The pencil indicates that this assignment does not have a grade.

12. Response – Indicates whether the student has viewed their feedback:

  • Dot – this student has not seen their feedback.
  • Person and tick – this student has seen their feedback for at least 30 seconds.

13. File – Download the original submission file or a PDF version.

14. Paper id – the unique reference number for this submission.

15. Date – the date of the submission:

  • Dates in red indicate a submission made after the deadline.
  • ‘Late’ there is no submission at this point.

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