The Similarity Report

The Similarity Report is created as Feedback Studio checks the text of student papers against the text of papers in the repositories previously selected in the Optional settings of the assignment.

Where text matches are found the Similarity Report highlights the matches for comparision to the source document within the Document viewer.

Try out Feedback Studio

Turnitin provide a demo site that includes a comprehensive Simlarity Report for instructors to practice.

Interpret the Similarity Report

Watch a Turnitin presentation explaining how to interpret the Similarity Report (jump forward to 3 minutes 30 seconds).

More information on how to interpret the Similarity Report

Refine the Similarity Report

You can refine the Similarity Report using the built in filters to include or remove text matches. These settings will have be applied in the set up of the assignment but can be altered during marking.

More information on how to refine the Similarity Report

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