Student unable to see mark

There are two common reasons why a student cannot see their grade when expected.

Firstly, in the Grade Centre the column containing the mark maybe hidden.

  1. To check this go to the Grade Centre in your Blackboard course and look for the column titled with the name of the assignment.
  2. If this symbolHidden column icon appears then this column is hidden from students. This column can be unhidden to release the marks to the students.

Alternatively, within the assignment’s Optional settings the assignment may be set to Reveal grades to students only on post date and the post date has not yet passed.

  1. Edit mode Ensure you have the Edit mode switched on and navigate to the content area in Blackboard where the assignment appears.
  2. Select Edit from the drop down men Click the drop down arrow next to the assignment title and from the menu and select Edit.
  3. Modify Turnitin AssignmentYou will now see the Modify Turnitin Assignment screen that includes the Post date. If this date is in the future it can be altered to a date in the past which will release the mark to students.
    • When you have altered the date click the Submit button to save your change.
  4. If neither of these solve the problem contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team on who will investigate further.

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