Turnitin Basic: End of support

Turnitin will stop supporting our current integration with Blackboard Learn after this academic year.

Feedback Studio

We’ll change to Turnitin’s LTI integration for the 2022 academic year. How staff create and access assignments, as well as how students submit, will change because of this; The staff and student view of Feedback Studio will remain the same.



31 August 2022

The current integration, Turnitin Basic, will no longer be supported. Assignments created using this integration will become read-only:

  • Students will not be able to submit
  • Important Instructors will not be able to provide feedback or grades
  • For twelve months after this date, existing papers, grades, and feedback will still be available to view via Blackboard Learn.

31 August 2023

Access to the assignments will no longer be available via Blackboard Learn. Papers, grades, and feedback will be available by logging into Turnitin directly.

What do instructors need to do?

Turnitin LTI is available to use in Blackboard Learn. Assignments should only be created with this integration once available.

What’s changed?

Look out for a post in the next couple of weeks where we’ll list crucial differences.


From Turntin:

As part of Turnitin’s commitment to providing the best customer experience and helping you get the most out of our solutions, we will be retiring the Blackboard Basic and Blackboard Direct v2.5 Building Blocks at the end of the current academic year.

Along with Blackboard Learn’s current strategy to end support for all Building Blocks over the next couple of years, this allows us to shift focus on providing a unified LTI 1.3 integration option with access to all Turnitin Feedback Studio features, and without the requirement for institutions to regularly upgrade their experience.

Any questions?

Contact the Technology-Enhanced Learning Team.

This post was edited on 20 June 2022 to update the availability of Turnitin LTI on Blackboard.