Updated Building Block

We’ve updated the Turnitin building block (which links Turnitin to Blackboard). Here are the headlines

Name change

They’ve dropped the ‘UK’, it is now referred to as ‘Turnitin Assignment’, eg in the course menu or the action bar.

Course Copy

Previously, our advice was to recreate all Turnitin assignments after a course copy. Advice from Turnitin is that you can reuse the assignment in the destination course as long as, when doing the course copy, you select both

  • The content area containing the assignment
  • Gradebook Items and settings

Read more about the course copy process in Blackboard

Blackboard course menu

Previously when viewing Turnitin pages Blackboard, you would lose access to the course menu.  This is no longer the case.

Student preview

Turnitin doesn’t support Blackboard’s student preview feature, and now prevents you from submitting to the assignment as the student preview user (you are still able to submit on behalf of students enrolled on your course).

View assignment by groups


If you’ve split your students up into groups, e.g. to share marking with a colleague, the view assignments by groups screen has improved. You can now search and sort more easily (although it still doesn’t show you any grades you may have already entered).


  • Assignments are no longer deleted in Turnitin when removed in Blackboard.
  • The list of assignments are now sorted in the order they were created.
  • Grade Centre grading schemas are now preserved i.e.. If you set a grade centre column to use letters rather than a numeric grade, that will be preserved.
  • Various other bug fixes.

Full release notes are available on Turnitin’s site. This update saw us go from Turnitin Basic version 2.5.28 to 2.6.23.

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