The Effectiveness of Turnitin


Turnitin recently published an 8 year study that looked at “the levels of unoriginal content in student writing among U.S. high schools that use Turnitin.

Along with the study they produced an interactive map which breaks down the data by State.

The study analyzes over 36 million student papers from 2,862 high schools to determine the percent change in papers that contain more than 50 percent unoriginal content.

Key Findings:

  • All 50 states showed a reduction in unoriginal content at some point over the course of the study;
  • Sixteen states-including the populous states of Texas and New York-experienced consistent decreases in unoriginal content over the entire course of the study;
  • Massachusetts showed the most dramatic reduction of 83 percent over eight years.

Turnitin are also hosting a related web cast on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 6pm. You will need to register if you wish to attend.

In this webcast we will:

  • understand the impact that plagiarism prevention technology has on the levels of unoriginal writing
  • uncover patterns regarding the effectiveness of plagiarism prevention technology within secondary schools, and
  • discover the timeframe in which Turnitin users begin to see changes in student submissions of unoriginal work.

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