Paper IDs reinstated in student emails

The emails students receive when they submit work have been missing the submission ID. This was fixed in yesterday’s update.  There’s more information in the link, below. Latest update! We've reinstated submission IDs into our digital receipt notifications. Find out more here: #Turnitin — Turnitin Product (@TurnitinProduct) May 18, 2016

Turnitin Unavailable: DDoS

Turnitin is under a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), and is currently unavailable 0543 PST is 1343 here in the UK. Keep an eye on the @turnitinstatus Twitter account for more information.  

Turnitin unavailable on Jan 10th

All UK users of Turnitin were unable to access it yesterday afternoon. Note that the time on the initial tweet is when Turnitin acknowledged the problem, in reality it was unavailable from much earlier on in the day.

Fixed: Email non-submitters link

The known issue where instructors were unable to email non-submitters has been fixed. To email those students who haven’t submitted an assignment, visit the assignment inbox (via Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Turnitin Assignments). If you think students may have been added or removed from the Blackboard course click Roster Sync [1] first – this will Continue Reading…