Get started

Download the Turnitin app from the Apple App Store

Before you use the app

Set the app to look at TurnitinUK

  1. Open the settings app on your iPad
  2. Scroll the settings list down to Turnitin, and tap it
  3. Tap the Service field
  4. Tap TurnitinUK

Log In

We use Turnitin through an integration with Blackboard. Because of this, you don’t log into the Turnitin app in the traditional sense. You will need to generate a class access code for each Blackboard course you want to use in the App

  1. From your desktop/laptop, go to the Blackboard course you want to mark/feedback
  2. Open any Turnitin paper (via Control Panel -> TurnitinUK Assignments -> Title of Assignment)
  3. Click the iPad access button iPad access button, found at the bottom left of the document viewer
  4. Click Generate Code
  5. Then, in the Turnitin iPad app, tap Access Code and enter the code.
  6. Tap add

You’ll need to do this for each Blackboard course you want to use the iPad app for. The codes are single use only, so you can’t email them to another user.

This video introduces you to Turntin for iPad, and will walk you through the above steps for getting your class access code.