Delete a student’s submission

If you set your Turnitin assignments to only allow one submission attempt, and a student submits the wrong file, you will need to delete the original submission attempt before the student can submit the correct one


  1. Go to the Blackboard course containing the assignment
  2. In the control panel on the left hand side, click Course Tools then Turnitin Assignments
  3. Click the name of the assignment
  4. Locate the student, click the checkbox to the left of the entry you wish to delete
  5. Click Delete

When the student goes back to the assignment, they will be able to resubmit (as long as late submissions are allowed, or the due date has not yet passed)

Anonymous assignments

As you are unable to locate the student’s work by their name, you will need to use the paper ID. The student can find this in their receipt.

Click the heading to sort the submissions by paper ID so you can locate the correct piece of work more easily.


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