Assignment Inbox Overview

When viewing submissions in an assignment that is set to anonymous and yet to reach the post date, you will be unable to order the submissions by grade. Turnitin tell us this is behaving as designed due to the anonymity. When you order the view by grades, Turnitin will only see an empty field for Continue Reading…

View a list of Turnitin Assignments in your Blackboard course by going to Control Panel, Course Tools, then Turnitin Assignments

Assignment Inbox Screenshot 1

  1. Select the assignment you wish to view.
  2. Instructors now have the capability to manually sync grades from Turnitin to Blackboard. Instructors can click on the Sync Grades link next to each assignment in the and will grab the grades and update the Grade Centre in Blackboard.

Assignment Inbox

Annotated Assignment Inbox

  1. Submit a paper on behalf of a student.
  2. Download an Excel spreadsheet of the assignment inbox.
  3. View the usage reports for rubrics and QuickMarks associated with the current assignment.
  4. Turnitin is only aware of the students in a Blackboard module at the time the assignment was created. If you have students join your module after this date, their names won’t appear in the Turnitin assignment inbox until they have accessed an assignment in the course.If you want to refresh this list (e.g. to see who has not submitted after the due date), you can do so by clicking Roster Sync in the assignment inbox.
  5. Should you need to make any alterations to the assignment settings, you can do so
  6. Click the student’s name to view their other Turnitin submissions for this module
  7. Opens the Document viewer at the GradeMark section.
  8. Opens the Document viewer at the Originality Report section.
  9. Opens the Document viewer at the GradeMark section.
  10. Indicates that a student has viewed feedback for at least 30 seconds
  11. Download the original submission file or a PDF version.
  12. Indicates the date of submission. Dates in red are late submissions.

For more information regarding Organisation of the Assignment inbox please see the Blackboard 9 Integration Instructor Manual from page 32.