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Before you begin

Is a Turnitin assignment the right choice? Does this assignment require a student to submit

  • work on behalf of a group of students?
  • more than one file to a single submission?
  • an Excel file where you want to be able to view formulae used by the student?
  • video?
  • code?

If so, we recommend using a Blackboard assignment to collect the students’ work. Email the Technology-Enhanced Learning team for guidance.

This decision chart is focused on submission factors. It is an overview to help you make the choice of which tool to use based on the type of submission that students are required to make. It does not deal with other factors such as the type of feedback you would like to give. For that sort of advice please get in contact with the Technology Enhanced Learning Team by emailing

If Turnitin is more suitable, read or watch on…


  1. In Blackboard, go to the content area where you want the link to appear
  2. Bb Assessments dropdownClick on Assessments, then Turnitin Assignment.

    If this isn’t the first Turnitin assignment in this Blackboard course, you’ll be asked to choose the type of assignment you’re creating.

    Choose Paper Assignment then click on Next step

  3. Assignment TitleGive the assignment a unique and meaningful title
  4. Point valueIf you’ll be using GradeMark to provide feedback, enter the point value for this assignment.
  5. Tii file typesSet what files Turnitin will accept
    • Allow only file types that Turnitin can check for originality will prevent students from being able to upload file types not supported by Turnitin’s document viewer. It will also apply restrictions on Word documents and PDFs to insist they contain text that can be scanned for the originality report
    • Allow any file type removes the above restrictions. Markers will be prompted to download those files that Turnitin can’t display in its document viewer. 
  6. Assignment datesSet the assignment dates:
    Start date
    The date & time students can begin submitting to the assignment
    Due date
    The date & time the papers need to be submitted by
    Post date
    If using GradeMark, the date the feedback will be released by Turnitin
    These dates won’t populate the To Do module in your Blackboard course. However, this can be set up after the Turnitin assignment is created
  7. Optional SettingsScroll down the page and click the Optional settings button

Optional settings

Despite the name, there are some very important settings in this section.

You can get help on each one of the settings by hovering over the Help Icon question mark next to each setting.

Allow submissions after the due date

Important Set this to Yes

Students will still be able to upload after the due date, and any submissions will be flagged as late.

You are not able to grant extensions to specific students, so if you don’t allow submissions, students with a legitimate reason for submitting late won’t be able to, and you will need to create a new assignment for them to submit to.

Generate Originality Reports for student submissions

This section controls when the Originality Report will be created, and also controls if students will be able to resubmit their work, eg if they upload the wrong file.

  • Immediately first report is final generates the report and does not let the student resubmit their work. If a student submits the wrong file, the instructor or office will need to delete their submission before they can resubmit
  • Immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) will allow students to resubmit as many times as they like. If students are allowed to see their Originality Report, on subsequent submissions this will be limited to one per day
  • On due date lets them resubmit as many times as they like, and the Originality Report will be generated after the due date. This setting will also ensure all papers submitted to the assignment are compared against each other.

Reveal grades to students only on post date

Important If you’re using GradeMark to mark and feedback on your students’ work, set this to Yes

This will automatically hide the column in the Blackboard Grade Centre for this assignment.

Any points awarded to a student will be included in the Total column in the Grade Centre.

While students won’t get notified about this, there’s still the possibility they could use this value in the total column to see (or work out) the grade they have been awarded before you release it.

You will need to exclude the column from calculations to prevent this.

Allow students to see Originality Report

Only allow student access to the Originality Report under closely supervised conditions. Find out more about how to interpret the report.

When you’ve finished setting up your assignment, click the Submit button