Ensures original work by checking submitted scripts against web pages, other student papers and leading library databases & publications.

When a script is submitted to Turnitin it is stored (if requested) in the central UK database, then OriginalityCheck checks it against other records in its system. These include the current and archived web, previously submitted student scripts, and select library/publisher databases. Find out more about Turnitin’s content sources

Do not rely on an arbitrary originality score to indicate the severity of plagiarism or collusion

Each case is unique and should be fully investigated with due rigour. Just because a paper scores over a certain percentage doesn’t mean it is plagiarised.

Cases of spurious false positives, self plagiarism, etc, are all frequently reported, and are a common cause of misinterpretation.  If possible, work with students to help them understand the results, to ensure the tool is used as an effective teaching aid.

Find out more on how to understand & interpreting the similarity index