How to use

Before you get started with Grademark, you’ll need to Create an Assignment for your students to submit their work.


Quickmark  Quickmark Icon – add comments to specific parts/sections of a script

  • Reusable comments are stored in libraries called QuickMarks, which can be easily dragged  onto a student script.
  • Alternatively you can use the text or bubble tool to enter comments directly onto the script.

General Comment Icon – add a text or audio comment on the script as a whole

  • You also have the ability to add an overall comment for each paper
  • Give students more substantive feedback that is clear, engaging and easy to understand by recording an audio comment – read more


As the name suggests GradeMark also has the ability to add a grade to the overall script. This can be done by simply typing in the number (top right of screen), or by using the rubric tool. A grade added to a script within GradeMark, is automaticially transferred to Blackboard’s GradeCentre, but be aware of the one way action of this feature. GradeMark’s rubric tool promotes consistent grading of students scripts using agreed scales.

Students will be able to access any feedback or grades added to their script once the assignment post date has expired.

This short video explains the basic features of using GradeMark to add feedback/comments to a student script.  Turnitin also provide a demonstration site – where you can evaluate the tool.