GradeMark enables lecturing staff to add text or audio comments directly onto a submitted script online. Rubrics and the QuickMark tool also improves grading efficiency.

Grademark screenshotOnce student scripts have been uploaded, assessors can use GradeMark to

  • provide a grade,
  • add feedback/feedforward using customisable libraries of comments (quickmarks).
  • record up to three minutes of audio
  • use a rubric “scorecard“- to ensure consistent assessment for programme/module teams,
  • use Blackboard’s GradeCentre for additional or alternative feedback methods.

Important caveats

  1. The integration with Blackboard ensures that the grade is automatically passed into Blackboard’s Grade Centre. If you do intend to grade the script, it is advised that you hide the corresponding column in the Blackboard GradeCentre until the final mark has been verified.
  2. Grades transferred from GradeMark, then modified in Blackboard do NOT transfer back in to Turntin GradeMark. Adding a grade via Grademark is a one way only process.


Try it for yourself

Turnitin provide an which will guide you through marking and feeding back on a submitted paper.

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